About the SEI Developer Portal

Why we believe its important to put the tools into your hands to create innovative new solutions and products.


Our Culture - Innovation

Similar to the culture of SEI, the Developer Portal is an extension of the philosophy to embrace change through the continuous reinvention of ourselves and our interaction with consumers. Through a self-service model, it makes it easier for clients to receive data with less reliance on SEI and the transformation of physical services into digital offerings.

               "A big part of it is pushing collaboration....
                            ......creating new innovations is a process that takes more than one person."
                                                       -- Al West, CEO.
SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) is a leading global provider of asset management, investment processing, and investment operations solutions for institutional and personal wealth management.  

To learn more about SEI please visit: https://www.seic.com

Our Standards - Developers First

The Developer Portal is a presentation of SEI's available API products. It provides rich documentation centered around REST principles. 

We use features rooted in HTTP, such as verbs and authentication, which permit the creation of mobile and web based applications. We have test and production API endpoints that can be used for exploration and return JSON responses.  

Our infrastructure is geared towards reliability and can accommodate millions of API calls per year with the ability to scale up as we grow.

Once you have created an account and registered your application, you can use your AppKey and AppSecret to begin building on behalf of your business partners and customers.

Our Goal - Driving Business Value

Get next-generation data access and integration

Standard, secure and adaptive, the SEI API Platform connects internal and external developers to an ecosystem of web services geared toward wealth and asset management markets. Key word search functions, standard data sets and clearly documented business logic means you can start building applications quickly and securely on a platform that can scale and grow with your business.

How the SEI API Platform makes the development experience better:

  • Flexibility: Consume data to model into almost any application desired.

  • Security: Multi-factor authentication with use of OAuth 2.0 for secure API calls.

  • Standardization: Access business logic, field, and schema definitions with Swagger 2.0.

  • Speed: APIs built to be fast with sub-second response times for real-time data delivery.

  • High availability: Fault-tolerant infrastructure facilitates continuous operation of APIs.

With the SEI API Platform you will benefit from:

  • Developer Onboarding: Gain access to the SEI Developer Portal and test drive APIs in under a day.

  • Easier Integrations: Consume your data using RESTful Services for mobile application, web applications, single page, and server-to-server connections.

  • Developer Tools: Export field descriptions, Postman collections, and download .yml files to generate libraries in your preferred coding language.

  • Analytics: Out-of-the-box and customized analytics are available for your API usage.

  • Connectivity: Provide synchronized, connected experiences for data across all your devices.

SEI Developer Portal Capabilities:

  • Getting Started: Step-by-step instructions on how to create an account, register your applications and browse our API products to start building applications.

  • MyApps: Register your application, select your security methods, and monitor your real-time API analytics.

  • API Catalog: Grouped API products aligned with our business services. Search across categories to find your need.

  • Product Details: Rich documentation describing HTTP verb use (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), data dictionaries, business/technical descriptions, and API sequencing.

  • Use Cases: Unsure if it applies to you? Explore the Use Cases page which showcases examples of SEI API products used in successful integration efforts with both clients and partners.

  • Support: Receive guidance in building your application and other topics through FAQs, Forums, and Resources. 

  • Blog: Learn about new products and upgrades.

Get Started and become part of our API Life Cycle!