The SEI Developer Portal is used for communication with our developer community. Browse our API product and integration offerings, understand the functionality of SEI APIs through interactive documentation, register an application, and view analytics. In addition, receive support and stay in touch with the community through blogs and forums.

Many different roles can benefit from the SEI Developer Portal, including App Developers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, and more.

Developers can register an App, consume SEI APIs, and benefit from tools to build apps quickly. Business analysts can view API documentation to understand how the APIs fit into their application requirements. Product managers can build analytical reports by viewing application data about the usage of APIs.

Users registered with the SEI Developer Portal can access approved offerings. Please contact to be granted access.

An API product is a logical grouping of API endpoints bundled and published so that developers can consume them. Products can be viewed in the API Catalog.

Product documentation enables users to understand the functionality and content of SEI APIs. The interactive document includes descriptions, definitions, sample requests, and sample responses for each endpoint.

Please refer to our Contact Us page for any assistance.

To unlock your account, please call the SEI Service Desk at 800-259-3767.

For a Developer Portal account, ask for a password unlock/reset for the IMS Platform. Please provide the id or email address associated with the account. 

For a Service/Siteminder Account (API access), ask for a multi-factor Siteminder password reset. Please provide the Service Account username.

The Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of each page in the lower left corner and detail the terms of use for the SEI Developer Portal.