Automated emails from "" will be sent to the concerned email address. One email containing the userId and a second email containing the temporary password will be sent. Upon initial login, the user will be guided through security questions and password reset steps.

For external users, please navigate to the SEI Developer Portal login page and click ‘Forgot Password’. Enter answers for the security questions to change your password successfully. 

For internal users, please go through your respective user management process. For external users, please contact the SEI Relationship Manager or

Depending on the application you are building and the API interaction between your application and SEI APIs, the end users may need to be provisioned in SEI's user store.

Please refer to documentation on oAuth and grant_types to understand more.

If the end users need to be provisioned in the SEI user store please contact the SEI Relationship Manager  or

Contact with below details

  • API Environment: < Dev/QA/Pilot/Prod>
  • APP: <Name of the application registered in SEI Developer Portal>